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Our Truck-Mounted Attenuator Services Protect Your Road Crews

Our truck-mounted attenuators keep your employees safe and keep you in compliance with work zone regulations.  Both federal and state laws require the use of attenuators for roadwork projects, and Contract Sweeping Services will supply you with exactly what you need to comply with the regulations and to ensure the safety of your employees.

Don’t Leave the Safety of Your Crews Up to Chance

The design of our truck-mounted attenuators (TMA) reduces the damage to structures, vehicles, motorists, and road crews resulting from a motor vehicle collision.  Our attenuators will absorb the colliding vehicle’s kinetic energy and redirect it away from your road crew.

Our hydraulic attenuator systems allow for maximum road clearance and maneuverability so that the attenuator truck can be positioned easily to ensure your crews are kept safe even on hills, bridges, curves, or any areas where they are working.

Not only is our equipment reliable, our operators are trained to know how far back they should be to allow motorists to note that there is roadwork up ahead and to proceed with caution, wherever the crew is stationed.

How Our Attenuators Help Keep Crews Safe and Seen

Each Truck Mounted Attenuator is loaded on a flatbed with the following features:

  • In-cab controls
  • Beacon lights
  • Scorpion TL3 attenuators
  • Back-up alarms
  • Work lights

Note that our fleet of heavy-duty, attenuator trucks comes complete with Scorpion units.  The Scorpion TMA has been tested and passed all optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the CHRP-350 Report for TL-3 evaluation criteria for speeds up to 62.5 mph (100 meters/h).  This carefully designed safety equipment will come to your aid with just a call.

Truck Mounted Attenuator

Are you concerned about the safety of your crews?  We have exactly what you need.  Call us today and ask about our truck-mounted attenuator services.  (888) 837-9337